Saturday, October 25, 2014

Project Uran

Author: Ronboy (Mike Smith and Ron Smith)
# of levels: 2
Rating: 8.5/10
Difficulty: Easy to Medium (1st level), Medium to Hard (2nd level)


Project Uran is a 2 level addon, and the sequel to Greenbrier on the Rhine. Ron and I were the authors of this addon.

Like Greenbrier, there are 2 maps in this mission. Although the Greenbrier and Uran levels aren't connected (your ammo, stats, etc. aren't carried over), the story and setting are indeed connected. The difficulty is easy to medium for the first level (because the zombies are easy), and medium to hard for the second level (because some of the Nazis are tough).

Continuing where Greenbrier finished, you and your escort must navigate the underground tunnels, looking for any intel as well as the escape route. Expect the unexpected, because some surprises await you...

The lighting in both maps, especially the first map, is mostly dark. It's recommended to turn up your monitor brightness, turn off any light sources in the room, or anything else that might make viewing your screen difficult.

The story involves an idea that has never been used in a Rtcw map before: uranium! That's why the addon's name is Project Uran (Uran means uranium in the German language). To get a full understanding of the story, you should read the clipboards and letters that are available in both maps.

The enemies are:
~ Zombies
~ Warrior Zombies
~ Femzombie (Zombie Marianna)
~ Flame Zombie
~ Nazi Soldiers
~ Nazi Officers
~ Scientists
~ Mechanics

The enemy weapons include:
~ MP44
~ Luger
~ Sten
~ K43 Rifle
~ Silenced Luger
~ MG42
~ Mauser Sniper Rifle

Like Greenbrier, the enemies and their weapons aren't full of variety. Despite that, Project Uran is still a fun addon to play, and is a good sequel to Greenbrier. The notebook (N key) is not empty like it was in Greenbrier. The 2 new custom weapons (MP44 and K43 Rifle) are available in Project Uran, but not Greenbrier.

The installation of Project Uran is very different than the installation of Greenbrier. I won't list the instructions here, since this is a review. You can find the instructions and other information on the readme file provided with the Project Uran download. The maps will not work correctly if you don't follow the instructions. Don't let that discourage you from downloading the addon, because you should only have to install it once.

With Project Uran, there is a good amount of custom music, textures, and more that make the addon more unique. You will be fighting zombies in the first map, and Nazis in the second map. One thing that got my attention was the issue of lag (low fps) in the second map. This is partly due to the map not being "fully" optimized, but it also could be caused by using an old computer. I didn't have any problems on both my mapping and gaming computers (both are running Windows 7), and most of the players haven't reported any lag problems, so I'm not going to fix it. To those of you who are receiving lag, I will try to optimize any future maps to the best of my ability, which will hopefully reduce the lag issues.

About treasure/secret areas, there aren't any secrets, but the first level has some treasure that you should be able to find easily. I know that the lack of secrets is disappointing, but that doesn't make Project Uran bad.

That's all I really have to say about this addon. Thanks for reading!

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Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

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