Friday, August 2, 2013


Author: SSF Sage
# of levels: 3
Rating: 9/10
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

SSF Sage has converted a Wolfenstein ET map into a Rtcw Sp addon. It has a unique setting: the desert, more specifically, Tobruk. The Nazi soldiers are all dressed in desert uniforms, which is a plus. This addon has a total of 3 levels, but it's not finished yet. I hope to see it finished eventually.

Anyway, in terms of difficulty, this addon is easy to medium. It's easy because the soldiers are easy to kill, or at least they were to me. I finished all 3 levels without cheating, but I did die a few times. The biggest threat is a mg42 gunner per level. All 3 levels have a Nazi soldier on a mounted mg42 gun, so be careful when playing this addon.

The weapons that the enemy soldiers use are the following: mp40, mg42, mauser rifle, sten, and luger.

The first level has a few treasure items scattered about (gold bars and a chalice). There is 1 secret area on level 1, which contains a silenced luger and 2 gold bars. Level 2 has a secret area also, which contains no treasure, but rather health, a panzerfaust, and some ammo for it.

This addon has both a briefing for each level, and a working notebook. The story, objectives, and "personal notes" by BJ are all included in the notebook. There are also a couple of clipboards that use custom text, which is another plus. Most of the textures, models, and a few sounds are from ET. All of the music is default. The reason I gave this addon a 9/10 is because the Nazi soldiers are mostly just standing around, not speaking to each other or saying anything upon seeing the player. It's a little strange playing through an addon that basically has silent enemies.

Other than that small mistake, this addon is really great. I hope that it will eventually get finished, because I feel that a few bugs could be corrected, and this addon can become something better. =)

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

My playthrough of Capuzzo:

General Red's playthrough of Capuzzo:

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":