Friday, July 12, 2013


Author: Yo$hik
# of levels: 4
Rating: 4/10
Difficulty: Easy to medium

Released as a final version in the year 2012, Vendetta is an obviously rushed 4 level addon for Rtcw. It does have a custom menu with 2 custom soundtracks, one for the main menu and the other on gameplay during level 2. There are a lot of design errors, and the AI just stand around, and usually don't even chase the player after seeing him. The AI seem to have high accuracy, which may or may not be a good thing. Honestly, I think that either this, or the original Devils Manor, is Yo$hik's first work.

The atmosphere is sadly very weak. AI soldiers just stand around, waiting for the player to attack them. The music is used good, but this addon still lacks atmosphere. The enemies you fight are just Nazi soldiers armed with mp40's, with a few armed with the mauser rifle. The objective in each map is to eliminate the Nazi officer. There are some custom textures, models, and sounds as well, most of them from Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The gameplay ranges from easy to medium. I say medium because the AI soldiers seem to have high accuracy. But since you will just be fighting soldiers with mp40's and mauser rifles, it should still be pretty easy.

There are some secret areas, 1 in level 1, and 2 in level 2. The secret in level 1 contains a health pack and a pack of grenades. Level 2's secrets contain a treasure item (gold bar), some mp40 ammo, and a health pack. Health is somewhat not plentiful, but ammo is pretty balanced. I've noticed that the ammo and health you normally get are reduced in the amount of health or ammo they provide. For example, the large health pack, which normally gives you 50 health, gives you 30 health instead. That makes the gameplay more difficult. Level 4 is just a map using mp_beach as a base, with the texturing and some terrain changed. Overall, I think if more bugs would have been eliminated, this addon could have been better. =)  

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

Friday, July 5, 2013

Project X

Author: Eugeny
# of levels: 2
Rating: 7/10
Difficulty: Easy

Project X is an unfinished 2 level addon by Eugeny. The addon has not been abandoned, because Eugeny has stated that he will resume working on it once The Victors is finished, since he is a member of the development team.

The gameplay is easy and straightfoward. The mission objective in both maps is simply to find the exit to the level, but level 2 is an exeption. On level 2, you have to find the entrance to the church, and destroy the refrigerator (what refrigerator, I can finish the level without completing this objective, because there is no refrigerator?).

You will be fighting a lot of zombies, and a few Nazi soldiers, but mostly zombies (both the warriors and the skeletons). There are a few Nazi vs zombie fights, 1 in level 1, and 2 in level 2. The second fight in level 2 is more of a "death scenario", which means you cannot interfere with it, only watch. There are some secret areas, and a few are hard to find. The secret areas contain gold and health, but mostly gold.

The level design is simple; tombs and crypts. This addon reminds me very much about the original maps crypt1 and crypt2. There are some traps (closing wall and spikes to jump over), which is a plus since traps make a sp map more interesting. No custom sounds or models are used, but there are some great Egyptian textures along with a custom soundtrack that plays during a fight with zombies in level 1.

The reason I gave this addon a 7/10 is because:
1. It's not finished yet, which means there's room for improvement.
2. The lighting is great, but I think both levels could be made more creepy.
3. Some of the health and ammo are in unrealistic places. For example, when a zombie busted a wall, behind that wall was a pack of ammo for the mp40. Some armored helmets, health packs, and ammo are randomly laying on the floor instead of beside a corpse or laying on top of something, like a table.

Other than these few mistakes, I think Project X has potential to become a great addon for Rtcw.

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

My playthrough of Project X:

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

General Red's playthrough:

Eugeny's playthrough of all variants:

Greenbrier on the Rhine

Author: Ronboy
# of levels: 2
Rating: 7/10
Difficulty: Easy

During the summer of 2011, a 2 level addon for Rtcw Sp was made. It's name was Greenbrier on the Rhine. In the end, development of this addon was rushed, but somehow it was pretty good. It's my fault for rushing it some, because I had plenty of time to get it finished, perfected, and released.

The objective in both levels is to eliminate all Nazi officers residing in the Greenbrier Secret Bunker. Don't think that you will just be fighting Nazis, because there are some surprises awaiting you...  ;)

This addon was roughly based on the real Greenbrier secret bunker located in West Virginia, United States. Both loading screens use real pictures of the Greenbrier bunker, which helps make this addon unique. We took something that exists in the real world, and gave it a "Rtcw theme". In reality, the bunker was used as a "secret shelter" for the U.S. President as well as other important U.S. leaders.

Here is some great info on the real bunker.

The real bunker was hidden well; the entrance door was made to look like an ordinary storage building door instead of a bunker. I wish that we could have perfectly replicated the real bunker in this addon, but sadly I didn't have the mapping skills back then that I have now.

Vicpas (author of The Fortress) really was a big help in the creation of this addon. I do regret relying on him so much, especially since I could have had the addon beta tested a few times by the guys at the Russian Wolfs Lair Forums. I say this because I know he got angry at us a few times for needing his help so much, and I apologize for that.

Now, onto the addon itself. The gameplay is pretty easy, but "newbies" and players who aren't good at sp may find parts of this addon difficult. Like I said, there are some surprises, so always stay on your toes. Have your weapon reloaded and ready to go. This addon uses a custom texture (the mirror with reflection), some sounds, music, and models. There is 1 secret area, which is on level 2. Some goodies it has are: health, ammo, different kinds of treasure, and an armored helmet.

The player starts behind the Greenbrier Hotel, right outside the secret bunker. Night time has arrived, and BJ used the cover of darkness to sneak around the hotel guards until he reached the bunker entrance. Armed with a silenced luger, sten, and knife, BJ is ready to clean out the Greenbrier Bunker, and cripple the Nazi chain of command by eliminating the bunker's officers.

This addon could have been better, and I did notice some bugs with AI and level design, which is why I gave the rating of this addon a 7/10. But it was a good effort to replicate the real thing, so overall I think this addon is worth playing. =)

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

Here is General Red's playthrough of Greenbrier:

There is a part 2 for General Red's playthrough of Greenbrier, so be sure to watch it too!

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Byblos Harbor

Author: sd2009
# of levels: 1
Rating: 8/10
Difficulty: Medium to hard

This map is sd2009's first release. It's an interesting level with nice scenary and challenging enemies. Be on the lookout for snipers and a mg42 gunner, because this map has them. The snipers are the most difficult to kill, since they have great accuracy and use the terrain for cover.

The level design is great. This map consists of some fighting inside some ruins as well as plenty of outdoor fighting. The ocean texture looks amazing. It's bright blue color distracted me from attacking the enemy soldiers, but I mean that in a good way. This map uses some custom textures, models, and a few sounds.

The objective in this map is to steal some documents, and meet up with the fisherman, who appears near the end of the map. I noticed that he is unarmed, and the nazi soldiers attack him. I'm not sure if the mission fails if he dies, but I would protect him just in case.

For a first public map release, this little piece of work is amazing. But I did give this a 8/10 because there are no secret areas or treasure to find. This is Rtcw Sp, after all. ;)

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

The video above is General Red's playthrough of this map. There are 3 parts of the playthrough for this map, so be sure to watch all of them!

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality": and

Playthrough by Juho:

Wolfenstein 3D Secret Level (w3d_sec)

Author: Ozarkpro and Vicpas
# of levels: 1
Rating: 5/10
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Ozarkpro released his first map with the help of Vicpas, which is a sequel to the map "w3d" by "The Pirate". In this map, the player simply has to find and steal all treasure items scattered throughout the map and hidden in secret rooms. There are A LOT of treasure items to be stolen, so I hope you like treasure. ;)

If you haven't played the Wolfenstein 3D version of this level, you may not know where the secret areas are. I had to use the /noclip cheat to find some of the secrets, because even though I have Wolf 3D on my computer, I didn't know the level well when I played this.

The gameplay is simple, and the enemies toughness range from easy to medium. The medium enemies are, of course, the blackguard soldiers with fg42's, and the proto and super soldiers in the map.

There are also some zombies to fight, even Olaric (the beast from the original map boss1), who for some reason, was taken down quickly by just one panzerfaust rocket. I guess ozarkpro didn't give him enough health in his .ai script. ;)

The map design is pretty weak looking though. I understand that this is ozarkpro's first map, but some more creativity in the level design and .ai scripting would not have hurt. Especially since a large portion of the map has fully bright lighting (without any light sources at all). I also think the ai could have been marching around, smoking, talking, etc... instead of standing around doing nothing.

I did like the purple and blue lighting that were in parts of the map. I can't think of any other sp maps that use purple or blue lighting. Overall, this map is okay, but really could have been better.

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":


Author: sd2009
# of levels: 1
Rating: 7/10
Difficulty: Medium

The second release from sd2009, Muenchen is a small but interesting map. The setting is during the night with heavy fog engulfing the outdoor area of the map. The gameplay on this one is not easy, but also not hard. It's balanced, which is a good thing for the players. There are no secret areas sadly, but there are 2 treasure items (chalices), but those are impossible to miss since they are in the same room as the key needed to unlock a gate. The objective in this one is to steal some documents, and eliminate some Nazis.

The Nazis in this map actually speak German instead of English or Russian. I assume the voices used on the Nazis were recorded by sd2009 himself, which is a plus. This map also uses many custom textures. The level design is great, especially the mountains surrounding the map. There is a mistake though.

The player can easily see the edge of the map (near the barbed wire, beside the graveyard). I think sd2009 could have avoided this by making more mountains, or at least have the road curve around the corner, out of the player's sight.

Also, I am wondering why the graveyard was added. There are no secrets there, and no enemies to fight (not even zombies!). This makes me wonder if sd2009 was thinking about using the graveyard for a secret area, or have some zombies there waiting for the player to enter, but in the end he changed his mind.

The atmosphere is nice, and the player always has to be alert. I was able to complete this level without cheating, although I did die a few times because some enemy soldiers have sniper rifles, which do a lot of damage. Overall, I found the gameplay to be interesting as well as the map itself.

I did not record the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

Playthrough by Juho:


Author: Vicpas
# of levels: 1
Rating: 6/10
Difficulty: Hard

Vicpas (author of The Fortress) has converted mp_beach to a sp map. Sadly, it's a "mandatory stealth" map, which basically means the mission fails if the player is caught by enemy soldiers who make noise and sound the alarm. To be honest, I don't like this style of gameplay, and I'm sure many other Rtcw players agree with me. The objective in this map is to eliminate a Nazi officer, destroy the radios to disrupt communication, and steal the secret documents.

Once the player completes an objective halfway through the map, the stealth mode is turned off, Allied soldiers invade the beach, and the player can now make noise without worrying about an alarm sounding. The gameplay is straight foward, at least the stealth segment of the map is. The second half of the map involves cleaning the bunker of Nazi soldiers, and meeting up with the Allies on the beach. I found this map overall to be difficult, mainly because of the "mandatory stealth" segment.

There is a secret area on the map, but it's pretty tricky to find. Even if you can't find it, all you're missing out on is some treasure items (gold bars).

But the second half of the map is pretty easy, because the Nazi soldiers are busy attacking the invading Allies, and don't notice your presence. This map uses some custom sounds, but no custom textures or music. Vicpas did a good job with this, but I would have liked it better if the stealth segment of the map was optional instead of mandatory. =)

Overall, it's a good effort to make mp_beach a sp map, and maybe even persuade mp mappers to allow their maps to be used for sp.

I did not record the walkthrough video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

General Red's playthrough:

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Devils Manor 2: Edge of Darkness

Author: Yo$hik
# of levels: 7
Rating: 9/10
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

The second addition in the Devils Manor series, Edge of Darkness is an amazing 7 level addon with a strong atmosphere of fear and suspense. Yo$hik has really improved when this is compared to the original Devils Manor, which was just 3 levels long. Although 3 of the levels in Edge of Darkness are cutscenes, this addon is still amazing. The cutscenes themselves, which have the characters speaking Russian, are still insteresting to those who don't understand the language. You can get a good idea of what is going on by putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

This addon uses custom music in every single level, which is a nice change of pace compared to other recent addons using mostly default music. The music used in each level and scene is very atmospheric and really does belong in Edge of Darkness. There are also some custom sound effects and textures to help enhance the horror atmosphere. The loading screens, which were in Russian, but luckily got translated to English, give you clues to help you figure out what is really going on with the main character.

This addon is like a horror movie, a really good horror movie. The readme file says to "turn off all lights for the best experience", and I strongely agree. If this doesn't scare you enough, try playing it with the lights off, and with headphones plugged into your computer. =)

Edge of Darkness even uses a custom menu screen instead of the boring default main menu. I was kind of spooked when I saw those claws moving on that scroll that read "Devils Manor 2: Edge of Darkness". To see what I mean, watch the video below or better yet, give this addon a try!

In terms of difficulty, this addon is pretty easy, although there are some tough "boss fights", including an unusual and surprising fight with a witch near the beginning of level 3. This witch is basically the only enemy which gave me trouble. Other than that, I was able to complete this addon without dying or cheating.

You don't have to worry about looking for secret areas, since there is no treasure or secrets to be found. That's why I gave this addon a 9/10, because I think it could have been better if Yo$hik would have hidden some treasure items in some of the levels. But overall, this addon is a must have for any Rtcw fan, and especially those who love horror. ;)

Yo$hik's walkthrough of Devils Manor 2:

Here's my playthrough of Devils Manor 2:

General Red's playthrough of Devils Manor 2:!New-Rtcw-SP-Videos-Uploaded/c12im/55d88cb40cf2c407285ee078

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":

Industrial Espionage: Threat Assessment

Author: W0lfman
# of levels: 1
Rating: 10/10
Difficulty: Easy

This map, released on Decemeber of 2012, is a classic Rtcw sp map using default textures, sounds, and music. Don't let this fact scare you away, because the level itself is amazing. BJ is sent to investigate a Nazi Industrial Facility, which is infested with Nazi soldiers. In terms of difficulty, this map is very easy, or at least it was to me.

I was able to complete the level without cheating (although I did use /noclip to access a secret area). Other than that, there is plenty of health and ammo scattered throughout the map, with some special weapons hidden in a secret area. To avoid spoiling the secret, I will just say this: There are 2 weapons that you cannot acquire without finding the secret area. But even without these 2 weapons, you should be able to complete the level without even dying once.

The level design is top notch, which is amazing since this is W0lfman's first map. This map even has 2 moving elevators. I was impressed with it's quality, and the map even has a mission briefing on the loading screen (but no notebook info on gameplay sadly). There are a total of 3 secret areas. The first is really easy to find, the second is harder, and the last is the hardest. The last secret area has the only treasure items in the entire map, if you're wondering where that gold is. =)

This map uses some dialogue from the original Rtcw maps. It was nice hearing the classic "Kill him!" and "Ze American!". W0lfman got inspiration to make this map from a real industrial facility in Chicago, United States. I also got inspiration from a real location for the mappack "Greenbrier on the Rhine", made by me.

Overall, this is an impressive piece of work. W0lfman has mentioned that he has a lot of free time on his hands, and it's also great to see another sp mapper joining the "sp mapping crew of Rtcw". =)


I do not own the video above. All credit goes to Vicpas.

My playthrough of this map:

General Red's playthrough of this map (part 1):

General Red's playthrough of this map (part 2):

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":