Saturday, February 18, 2017

Beach Defend


Authors: Ronboy (me) and Vicpas (Vicente Pasquino)
# of levels: 1
Rating: 6.5/10
Difficulty: Medium to Hard

It's been a long while since my last review of a Rtcw SP release. Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy!

Today, I will be reviewing Beach Defend by Ronboy and Vicpas, which consists of only 1 level. I want to begin by saying that this map was originally created by me for my old addon called Operation Deathshead, as a bonus level. Unfortunately, the game's strict limitations forced me to constantly remove cool details and effects from the map, until I finally was forced to abandon the map. The bunker section was kept intact for Operation Deathshead, but the beach area was removed.

In the original setting of Beach Defend (before it was removed from Operation Deathshead), the player was a German soldier who was tasked by Deathshead to protect the bunker and lab from the Allied attack. However, when the map was altered by Vicpas, the setting changed. Now, the player must protect the bunker from a large scale coastal attack by the Allies, steal some top secret documents, protect some radar communications, and finally destroy a captured submarine (u-boat). Some of these objectives were newly added when Vicpas altered the map (the radar communications and secret documents were not in the original version).

In addition to the 2 new objectives, a secret area and a treasure item (a gold bar) were added. There is a hint near the secret's location, so see if you can find it if you haven't already! I quite enjoyed the new effects and details that were added to the map as well. I definitely would like to thank Vicpas for reviving this map, because I had no plans to do anything with it. Without him, the map probably would have never been released to the community. Thanks, Vicpas!

I gave this map a 6.5 rating out of 10, because while it was much better than the original version, the level design was still very amateur (the flat beach, the very tall ceiling in the bunker, and the transition from the beach to the ocean were poorly designed). But, these amateur attributes are not the fault of Vicpas, but rather me, since I originally created the map. Vicpas only enhanced the map while leaving the level design unchanged. It would definitely be interesting to see how different the map would be if I would have created it more recently, with my improved mapping and scripting skills.

Let's discuss the level of difficulty next. This map is medium to hard in its difficulty, because the Allied soldiers are fairly tough and have a variety of weapons. In addition to this, they usually try to overwhelm you with their large numbers. Their weaponry consists of the:

~ Thompson
~ Colt
~ Mauser Rifle
~ Panzerfaust
~ Flamethrower
~ Sten
~ Scoped Mauser

As you can see, the weaponry listed above combined with the large number of Allied soldiers means that your skills will definitely be tested. You won't be alone though; you have your German companions to help you out. Their weaponry consists of the:

~ MP40
~ Luger
~ Silenced Luger
~ Mounted MG42
~ Scoped Mauser
~ Flamethrower
~ FG42

As you can see, your companions are fairly strong too. Be careful not to kill any of them though, because your mission will fail. Also, your mission will fail if the officer shown at the level's start is killed by the Allies. Don't let the Allies get to him!

If you're looking for some advice on how to beat this level, then I will gladly help. The first obvious advice is to use tactics that you would use in all Rtcw SP releases (always try to get headshots on enemies, conserve health/ammo, etc...). In the case of this level, most of the Allied soldiers will try to enter the bunker once the entrance door is destroyed. The door won't be destroyed until you approach it, so don't worry about rushing to the bunker's entrance. When the Allied soldiers try to enter the bunker, hide behind one of the side walls and kill them as they enter. Be aware however that there will be a few Allies hiding on the beach or inside the lander boats, even after the bunker's entrance door is destroyed. If you follow this advice and save the game often, then you should have no problem with completing the level, even if it takes a few attempts. Don't give up!

One more thing: be aware that 1 lander with about 5 Allied soldiers will spawn after you steal the secret documents. One of them has a panzerfaust, and he will try to destroy the radar communications. You must stop him, or the mission will fail. Some more of your companions will spawn at this time too, so you won't be alone.

Overall, Beach Defend is a nice and small level to play, especially for the challenge factor. The heavy action combined with the death messages (for example: Pvt. Bell has been killed) are very similar to the gameplay style of a multiplayer game like Rtcw MP or Wolf ET. It's a nice addition that makes this level more appealing.

That's all for this review. Thanks for reading.

Walkthrough by Vicpas:

Playthrough by General Red: 

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Playthrough by me:

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