Sunday, April 6, 2014


Author: Ken "Kat" Beyer
# of levels: 3
Rating: 8.5/10
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

For about 10 years or so, Kat, who is the author of Mages Skulls, Relic Hunt, and Castlekeep, had supposedly abandoned the development of his Generator project. But a few years ago, Me, Vicpas, and some other Rtcw fans were able to convince Kat to continue development with the project.

A few months ago, Kat sent Generator to me and Vicpas for testing. We helped Kat find bugs and also gave him some suggestions for the gameplay. And in April of 2014, Generator was finally released to the public as a final version, after about 10 years of development.

The story of Generator is simple: the player (I'm not sure if it's BJ or someone else) is sent on a mission to destroy some Generators that control water processing. Unlike the other maps by Kat, there are no zombies or anything related to the occult. You will be encountering the following:
  • Guards
  • Mechanics
  • Scientists
  • One officer
  • Two Supersoldiers
  • One Protosoldier
The weapons that the enemies have include:
  • Mp40
  • Luger
  • Mauser Rifle
  • Panzerfaust
  • Venom
The first level was great. I was expecting at least one zombie in the graveyard area, but I was disappointed when none appeared. There are 2 gold bars hidden in the graveyard. You will need a grenade to gain access to the treasure.

On the second level, the player must rescue a British spy who is being held prisoner. When he is rescued, he somehow runs out of his cell armed with a mp40, then stands guard by the gate. He will leave when the player enters his cell, which triggers a cutscene showing the spy leaving.

All 3 levels have custom notebook entries and clipboards, which is very creative. There is a secret area on level 2, which contains a gold bar. It's under a flag, near the area where the prisoner is being held.

Another secret area on level 2 is behind some barrels and crates. You will need a grenade to destroy them. This secret area contains some ammo and a flak jacket.

Level 3 is the final level. You must not kill the unarmed scientists, otherwise the mission will fail. The "don't shoot" icon for the crosshair does not appear on these unarmed scientists, so be careful who you shoot. The proto and supersoldiers mentioned above appear in this level, so watch out. The protosoldier has a panzerfaust, and the 2 supersoldiers have venom guns, so I would be more concerned about facing the protosoldier.

There is a secret area somewhere on level 3, but I have no idea where it is. All I know is that it doesn't have any treasure, since the mission stats at the end of level 3 say "Treasure 0/0".

You need dynamite to destroy the first 2 generators, but the other 2 can be destroyed with grenades. Throughout all 3 levels, you will need grenades to destroy structures and access secret areas, so make sure to conserve your grenade supply.

The enemies of Generator are fairly easy to kill. If you have any difficulty, it will probably be on the last level. Health and ammo are plentiful, so you should be fine.

I will admit that Generator isn't as great as Mages Skulls and Relic Hunt, but it's still a great addon. Generator lacks a custom menu, when compared to Mages Skulls and Relic Hunt. Despite this, I think Generator is worth playing.

If Kat starts on another project for Rtcw, I suggest it to have the occult theme, since Kat makes great maps with a great atmosphere when doing the occult theme.

My playthrough of Generator:

Walkthrough by Vicpas:

General Red's playthrough:

Yo$hik's playthrough in "extreme quality":